Framing Options


Unfortunately there is no framing option on this website. However, all the prints available here come ready to frame (i.e. with an acid-free mount and foam board backing) and most sizes will fit ready-made frames available at good photography/framing retailers. All mount sizes are listed in the description section for each print.

For more obscure sizes, such as panoramic prints, any framing service will be able to make up a frame to fit a specific size.

Online Framing Services

Often a cheaper option for purchasing frames, online framers not only have a good supply of ready-made frames, but often offer a custom framing option.

One online framing service recommended by this website is By following the link below you will be taken to their custom framing section, where, in a few simple steps you will be able to order a frame to fit your requirements.

STEP 1: Enter the size of your print.

In this case it will be the total size of your print including mount. You may have to convert inches into centimetres (a list of common mount sizes used for my prints, with centimetre conversions, can be found at the bottom of this page). Be sure to put the dimensions in the correct order with width first followed by height.

STEP 2: Choose a frame.

There is a large choice of frames available but my prints are designed to be complemented with either a black or white frame.

Some frame suggestions are as follows:

Black: 226F or 232F

White: 226H or 232H

Once you have chosen your frame you can ‘add to cart’ and ‘go to checkout’. No other options or additions are required.

STEP 3: Go to checkout.

At checkout you will be asked to input your billing details and payment method etc..

IMPORTANT: In the box marked ‘Customer Instructions’ you should request to have ‘D-rings and string attached for hanging’. This is important, as by default, the frames will come with an mdf backing board with a hanger attached. This board and hanger may be removed and discarded, as the purchased print is designed to be inserted into the frame along with its mount and its own foam board backing (included). D-rings and string will ensure that you are still able to hang your framed picture.

Common Mount Sizes (inches into cm conversion):

8×8 = 20cm x 20cm

8×10= 20cm x 25cm

9×9 = 22.7cm x 22.7cm

8×12 = 20cm x 30.2cm

12×10 = 30.2cm x 25cm

11×14 = 27.7cm x 35.3cm

12×16 = 30.2cm x 40.3cm

12×18 = 30.2cm x 45.5

20×7.5 = 50.7cm x 19cm

20×8.75 = 50.7cm x 22.2cm

20×9.25 = 50.7cm x 23.5cm

20×12.5 = 50.7cm x 31.5cm



The information above is intended as a guide only. Mark Zabel Art takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided nor (as stated in the Terms & Conditions) does it take responsibility for the availability or content of any external websites which are linked to or from this website.