A Message From Mark

Originally from the UK, I first came to Australia in 2000, and like many others, immediately fell in love with the country. Eventually deciding to make a new life here, I settled in Sydney and through my education and background in illustration, I began to produce artworks inspired by this famous city. Having always been interested in wildlife I also find the great abundance and uniqueness of the animal and bird life here quite captivating. All of this provides me with an unlimited source of themes and inspiration for my artwork.

At first my work mainly came in the form of pen and ink drawings, however, recently I have begun to work more and more with paint on canvas, and particularly with colour and I continue to explore new ways of translating the world around me into my artworks.

Many of my artworks are available as prints, and can be found on this website. Through this collection of prints, it is my aim to bring people great art, reproduced to a very high quality but at an affordable price.

My artworks are reproduced as prints using two methods:

Offset Lithography (Lithographic Prints)

This is the most commonly used commercial printing process and produces a very high and consistent image quality. It is used in the printing of most commercial items, from books to packaging, and of course, is widely used in the production of fine art prints. Prints produced using this method are called Lithographs or Lithographic Prints.

Digital Inkjet Printing (Giclée Prints)

This is a more modern method of printing. These artworks are reproduced using some of the latest digital printmaking technology and materials. The work is printed with durable pigment inks on archival, museum grade, fine art papers. These high quality digital prints are known as Giclée Prints.

Both printing methods ensure you get exceptional quality prints that will last for years. All my prints come signed and are sold as either a Limited Edition or an Open Edition print.

Limited Edition Prints

With limited edition prints the artwork reproduced is limited to a certain number of copies. For example there may only be 50 copies, 250 copies or 500 copies of that artwork printed and no more. Prints can be limited to any number an artist chooses; however, one would generally expect the print run to be not more than 500 copies, 1000 at the very most. The amount of copies printed can affect the price of the print, with artwork printed in a smaller number being of more value than artwork of a larger number as there are fewer copies available. In some cases an artwork may also be printed in two different sizes, and, for example, may be limited to 100 copies of one size and 100 copies of another size.

When purchasing a print the buyer can tell if the print is limited or not as the limited edition print will have a number visible on it. It appears as a fraction e.g. 1/250 which would denote the first print of 250 copies. Therefore 2/250 would denote the second print out of 250 copies and so on.

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are where the artist chooses to reproduce the artwork to an unlimited number of copies. Therefore after an initial print run has sold out another print run may be undertaken. This again may affect the value of such prints as the greater the number of copies there are available the less valuable they become. However, looking at it another way; it means that the print is more affordable.

Signed Prints

This is where the artist has hand signed the print. A print is not a signed print if the signature is simply a reproduction of a signature incorporated within the original artwork. Signed prints are more personalised and are therefore of greater value than unsigned prints.

If you have any questions regarding my prints, please feel free to contact me. Originals of these prints are also often available. If you wish to enquire about the price and availability of these then please email me.

I very much hope you enjoy viewing my work.

Kind regards,